Getting to know your AV team

June 7, 2019

As professionals, It’s our job to make your job easier and your production a smooth-sailing-success. That means the moment you hire our team to bring your event to life, our specialized team members jump into action to educate you on all the options, working with you to produce intelligent AV designs, formulating economical budgets and proposals, providing step-by-step project management, and then, of course, executing beautiful and flawless productions.

But who are you really hiring and what are our jobs? Here's a list of our roles and responsibilities so you can understand the players on your AV team.

1. Project Manager

Your day-to-day contact during planning and your go-to person on-site during your event will be your dedicated Project Manager (PM). This person will work closely with you to iron out every wrinkle, overcome any obstacle, and plan every single detail of your event in the days, weeks, and months leading up to it. The PM will also be your point-of-contact for all business related matters, including quotes, invoices, and contracts. Needless to say, your PM should be added to your speed dial!

2. Technical Director

Your Technical Director (TD) will be a crucial team member on your big event day. The TD will orchestrate your entire show, communicating with all of our team members through wireless communication devices, instructing them according to the planned event flow - "cut to video 1", "pan camera 2 to the emcee", "dim the house lights", "play music", are some instructions you may overhear the TD communicating to our team. And if you have an assigned TD on your staff - great - they can work directly with our TD to direct the show together.

3. Audio Technician

Audio is essential to every live production, requiring clear, crisp voices to be amplified over the sound system while avoiding nasty things like feedback, buzzing, and hissing. That's why we always assign a dedicated Audio Technician to your events. Whether your event is live in-person or online to hundreds or thousands of guests, our Audio Technician will ensure everything sounds good from the beginning and remains flawless throughout your event.

4. Video Technician

You'll likely be projecting, live streaming, and recording a mixture of creative media to bring your event to life. From images, slideshow presentations, videos, live cameras, and audio, your dedicated Video Technician will be there to diligently monitor all of our video systems to ensure your footage is being recorded, your live stream is stable and running flawlessly, your slideshows are flowing smoothly, and all of your images, videos, and audio are cued up precisely.

5. Lighting Technician

A beautifully designed light show is crucial to every production from precise fade times to gorgeous color selections. Your Lighting Technician will design and operate all of the lighting systems to ensure the mood is just right for every important moment in your show.

6. Camera Operator

Precise camera motions are critical to capturing every aspect of your event. So your experienced Camera Operators will be on a constant watch to professionally maneuver our cameras to ensure the important moments of your show are being live streamed, projected, and recorded exactly how you'd want them to be.

7. Ops Team

Our Operations Team (Ops Team) members provide additional support throughout your event to ensure all systems are green and running smoothly across the board. If you've ever seen someone running around like a ninja trying not to be detected with a wireless communication headset on, you've probably spotted one of our Ops Team members. Our Ops Team is the crucial fabric tying everyone and everything together. Let them know if you ever have a need and they will quickly relay your request to the rest of the team.

8. Setup/Strike Technician

Our strong Setup/Strike Technicians do all the heavy lifting - literally! Their job is to ensure everything is setup and looking great way before you even arrive so everyone is ready to start rehearsing the minute you're on site. Our strong technicians load-in and load-out all of the gear efficiently to ensure we meet your specific schedule and any timing constraints imposed by the venue. The Setup/Strike Technicians also ensure, first and foremast, that everything is neat, tidy, and especially, safe! Safety is our number one concern for your guests, your organization, the other vendors, and all of our crew too.

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