Our Services

Our team of professional audio technicians ensure a high-quality listening experience for your live and online audiences with industry standard microphones, speakers & sound systems.
We have a team of professional videographers and camera operators to help you with your next live event, whether you're looking for standard IMAG or 1080p or 4k video recordings.
Relive your special occasion long after it's over with our professional photography services. Check out Before & After Photography for our lifestyle photography services.
Elevate your presentation on a sturdy and rugged stage platform. We provide high quality staging equipment with stairs, skirting, and professional podiums.
Live Streaming
We provide live streaming video services to all of the popular online video platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, and Zoom. Grow and engage your community using the power of the Internet!
IMAG Projection
Need to display live video or PowerPoint presentations on a large projection screen or TV for your audience to follow along? We've got you covered!
Design & Consulting
Our multimedia consultants can help make your next live event a quick and easy reality. We provide turnkey design, project management, procurement, and vendor coordination. Event planning doesn't have to be stressful!
No matter how big or how small, we are ready and equipped to help make your next live event come to life. Speakers, microphones, cameras, lights, slideshow presentations, IMAG video, you name it, we'll provide it!
We provide all the essential lighting your event could ever need from bright stage lighting to colorful uplighting to custom moving head gobo projectors.
Pipe & Drape
If a background is what you need, or maybe you simply want the walls covered to change the look of the room or to section it, Pipe & Drape is what you're looking for and what we can provide.
Custom Solutions
We pride ourselves in making your life easier! So if you're looking for something specific, simply contact us and we'll help you produce a high-quality, low-cost solution for FREE.
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Branding, Photography, & More!


Take your brand to new heights with our professional Public Relations / Branding services, including brand creation, website design, social media & email marketing, collaborations, graphic design, and custom content creation.

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Our friendly team of professional photographers proudly serves families, couples, nonprofits, and businesses in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area, Tri-Valley, and beyond! We love serving both corporate and community/lifestyle clients.

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Impress your organization & community with a truly personalized & professional audio visual service.